Tip #1330: Video Guide to 2020 Wave 1: New Kanban Visualization in Dynamics 365

Wave 1 2020 introduces a great way to visualize your opportunity pipeline on a kanban board, either by stage or status. In today’s video tip we show you how to configure the kanban visualization and how to use it.

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Tip #1329: Video Guide to 2020 Wave 1: Adding Images to Knowledge Articles

In today’s video tip, we cover how to add images to knowledge articles in Dynamics 365 in 2020 Wave 1.

Traditionally, if you wanted to include images in knowledge articles, you had to host them externally and link to the external image file.

Starting with 2019 wave 2, you can enable a setting that allows you to directly insert images into knowledge articles, and drag and drop images into knowledge articles. With 2020 wave 1, this capability is enabled by default.

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Tip #1328: Video Guide to 2020 Wave 1: Customize the Case Resolution dialog

I wish we could customize the fields that appear on the case resolution dialog

Every D365 Customer Service user ever

Dynamics 365 2020 Wave 1 introduces a new setting that lets you use a quick create form instead of the standard dialog for case resolution. This means that you can change the fields that appear on resolution to better fit your process.

Watch today’s video tip to learn how.

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Tip #1326: Video Guide to Installing 2020 Wave 1 Preview

Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2020 Wave 1 is coming in April. To get ready for it we are putting together some video guides to some of the new features.

In the first video tip from the series we cover installing the 2020 Wave 1 preview, including how to create a canary environment and installing the preview.

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Tip #1323: Kill the case customer field

The “Customer” field on cases is a bad idea, and you can’t change it to not-required. I just want to add a lookup to accounts and automatically populate the customer field.

Anonymous reader “Meve Stordue”

You can’t make the customer field non-required, but it is possible to replace it with an account lookup and automatically populate the customer field with the account selected in the custom lookup field.

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