Tip #1259: Can non-developers really create PowerApps?

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I’m seeing a common reaction in the Power Platform community when wizards like Scott Durow post really cool PowerApp examples. This is really cool, but I don’t think an average non technical consultant or user can create PowerApps. Average Citizen I get this reaction–there are some very long, complicated expressions and near code operations that […]

Tip #851: All Themed Up and Nowhere to Go…

In many Dynamics 365 implementations one of the customizations which can have an enormous impact to user adoption is the customization of the CRM Theme.  However, changes made to an organization’s theme are not solution aware.  As a result, each theme customization must be made manually in each environment.  Now, if there were no other way […]

Tip #726: Dude, where is my option to export for update?

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Question I recently noticed that in version 2016, the option to export records for update (available in version 2015) has vanished from the Export To Excel dialog. This SDK article describe the Import process as if this option is still available. Can anyone clarify this feature status? Is there any other method to update existing […]

Tip #623: Contact export to Excel and full name field

With the new Excel export in CRM 2015 and later, if your view includes the Full Name field, when you export to Excel, your Excel spreadsheet will include three additional fields: First Name, Last Name, and Middle Name. The reason for this change is because all static worksheets are formatted for reimport now. This is […]

Tip #463: Tipster guide to Immersive Excel

It’s Friday and it feels like Excel week so far. Firstly, watch Derik walking you though Dynamics CRM’s immersive Excel feature that was released as part of the Spring 2015 update. Then listen to the Dynamics CRM Podcast where Matthew Anderson joins us to tell us some things we didn’t know about the 2015 update […]

Tip #307: Dynamic Excel Export Not Working

Dynamic Excel Export is not working? Remember that you need to have the CRM Outlook Client installed to use the Dynamic PivotTable and Dynamic Worksheet export to Excel workbooks. No Outlook Client or, as it’s known by its full name, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Microsoft Office Outlook (that was a mouthful!) – no worky! […]