Tip #437: Should I create private notes in CRM?

Generally, no. Occasionally I will come across a requirement to allow for some CRM notes to be private and only readable by the person who creates them. In my opinion, this is generally a bad idea. In CRM 2013 and 2015, the user interface for notes does not allow users to open the note form. […]

Tip #353: Notes and activities – where did they go

Insert notes pane

If you follow our advice and do not do anything prematurely, the default form for your entity will look nice and lean, mostly due to the absence of the middle pane which is default home for activity feeds, activities and notes. If you decide that you do need activities and notes, after all, you will […]

Tip #287: Prevent meeting notes from going to customers

I recently lead a webinar about the new features in CRM 2015, and one of the attendees asked a great question: “Is there anything new in 2015 that can prevent server synchronization from sending an update to meeting attendees when the description field is updated? Users record their notes in that field, and we don’t […]