Tip #1121: What happens if an email is sent to multiple queues?

This tip comes from my colleague Bruce Sithole who did the hard yards to find out the answer to this question. As it turns out, the behavior is a little unpredictable. Firstly, multiple queues can process the email and create a Case. The order of processing appears to be first polled, first served. Also, there […]

Tip #1006: Case management vs. ticket management in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 customer service functionality includes case management, which is used for a wide variety of purposes. Many companies use Dynamics 365 for management of incidents (cases), which can be everything from a service issue, a customer complaint, or a request. Dynamics 365 cases have rich functionality, just a few examples: Hierarchical parent/child cases Queues […]

Tip #610: Missing Entitlement Permissions

After a recent upgrade to CRM 2016, users started seeing errors when creating cases. After investigating the error log, it turned out to be missing permissions on Entitlements. This was a mystery, because the implementation did not use Entitlements, and the Entitlement grid was removed or hidden on the case form. What gives? While you […]