Tip #1193: When Case attachments exceed your limitations

I’m setting up automatic case creation from email in Dynamics 365–what is the expected outcome if someone sends an email to my queue that has an attachment that exceeds my attachment file size limits in Dynamics?

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Not finding any official documentation about what the expected result should be, I set up a simple test to find out how this scenario would be handled. I was confident that the attachment would not be created in Dynamics (because of the limit in file size), but would the email and associated case record still get created?

I set up a queue and kept the default file size limitation of 5 MB. Note that for most real world deployments using Exchange Online, I would probably increase that to 15-20 MB.

I then sent myself two emails, one with a small attachment, and one with a large attachment.

The result was that two cases were created in Dynamics 365–the small attachment case included the attachment, the large attachment case was created, but no attachment was created.

The takeaway is that you don’t have to worry about losing cases should an email arrive that exceeds your attachment file size limitations; however, you may get cases referring to attachments that are not included in the case. If this is a concern, you should probably increase your attachment file size limitations to match the file size limitations of your email server.

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