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CRM Tip of the Day and 365.Training present Business Application Developer (BAD) Masterclass

int year = 2019 + 1;
string what = developer ? 
   "BAD Masterclass" : "MAD Workshop";
Console.WriteLine($"Attend {what} in {year}!");

What is it

The Power Platform has a rapid release cadence and with that come the new features, new developments, and new challenges. In case you were not paying attention, Wave 2 is almost here (and will be here in time for the Toronto masterclass). This is your chance to get your hands on the new technologies and learn the new stuff before anyone else. Hear the news from the latest conferences and what does it mean for Business Application Developers.

Who’s behind it

BAD Masterclass is a brainchild of yours truly, George Doubinski, founder of CRM Tip of the Day and CRM.Audio and David Yack, developer and trainer extraordinaire, and author of

MAD Workshop was co-created with Julie Yack (yes, that  Julie Yack – trainer, author, mentor, learner, problem-solver and globetrotter).

What’s in it for me

Are you BAD?

Unlike any of the courses and trainings you find, it’s not about what you can do in Power Platform / Dynamics 365 world today, it’s about what will you use tomorrow. Aimed at proficient developers at the level 300-400, it covers new and upcoming technologies, trends, and best practices you need to create Business Applications for the future. It is delivered as a mix of presentations, talks, discussions, hands-on exercises, and developer challenges, all packed within 2 days of in-class learning.

This class is for all you experienced Power Platform/Dynamics 365/CRM developers who want to take your skills to the next level.

Are you MAD?

We’ve been repeatedly asked not to let developers have all the fun. We listened. Introducing Managing Application Developers (MAD) Workshop.

Managing your business application developer team doesn’t have to be difficult. In this half-day workshop we’ll discuss communication strategy, common misunderstandings between business and technical teams and learn about leading your team with a good application lifecycle plan.

Some of the planned discussion topics:

  • Can you fire all developers now?
  • What are your developers not telling you?
  • Make peace between developers and citizens

MAD Workshop runs in parallel with BAD Masterclass and is designed for team leaders, project managers, CTOs, CEOs, and all other people who are actually responsible for the teams, technology, and, ultimately, projects success.

While your developers are learning BAD, discover how to make the full use of that knowledge.


  • 21 – 22 October 2019 Toronto (sold out)
  • 13-14 June 2019 Hawaii
  • 10-11 October 2018 Colorado
  • 4-5 October 2018 Toronto (sold out)
  • 31 May-1 June 2018 London (sold out)
  • 28-29 May 2018 Amsterdam (sold out)
  • 24-25 May 2018 Milan


Day 1

  • Introductions and BAD Challenges
  • What’s new and what’s old for the Developer
  • Solution framework – do it right
    • Work time – Solution challenge
  • Advanced Data Modeling
  • PowerApps Portals
  • Canvas for developers
    • Work time – Canvas for developer
  • PCF
    • Work time – PCF

Day 2

  • Authentication done right
    • Work time – Authentication
  • Azure Survival Kit for Power Platform developer
    • Work Time – Azure
  • Flow for developers
    • Work time – Flow for developers
  • Custom Connectors
    • Work time – Custom connector
  • Survive and prosper in locode/nocode world

Note: Agenda is subject to change

8 thoughts on “BAD Masterclass

  1. Kevin Altman says:

    Is this post supposed to indicate how to sign up for the class? That key bit of information seems to be missing.

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  3. Jelle Vervloessem says:


    Is there a plan for new Masterclasses in 2019?
    These classes seem the way to go to be future proof and finetune our current methods.

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  5. […] Business Applications Developer (BAD) Masterclass North America–register here […]

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