Tip #1090: Should I use cases for one user CSR scenarios?

For today’s tip, Sarah “Dynamics 365 Diva” Jelinek answers the question “I have one person who handles customer issues for my company–should I still use cases?”

I would tend to answer with “It depends.” But in all honesty, I would say yes. Even if one person handles the customer issues, I think there is a need to record that history with the customers. Even if the same person is handling the issues, there may be others that need to see the interactions, frequency, and results of the support process.

I have clients that email me directly needing assistance. There is a good reason for me to record that interaction within cases. If I am unavailable and the customer contacts another person in my company, they can look at the past cases in the system and find answers. Account managers can seek opportunities from cases recorded. Management can gather KPIs and other metrics to plan for growth.

I know it can seem overkill for the end user, but the pros outweigh the cons. Starting to use cases makes it easier for growth and seeing the 360-degree view of your customers. 

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