Tip #610: Missing Entitlement Permissions

After a recent upgrade to CRM 2016, users started seeing errors when creating cases. After investigating the error log, it turned out to be missing permissions on Entitlements. This was a mystery, because the implementation did not use Entitlements, and the Entitlement grid was removed or hidden on the case form. What gives?

While you could just give the users permissions for Entitlements, if you don’t need or use them, this answer is not satisfactory.

The reason for the error is a new setting that was introduced sometime around CRM 2015 Update 1 in the System Settings–>Service tab. This setting automatically adds Entitlements to Cases when they are created.

By setting these settings to “no,” the user should no longer see any errors when creating cases without permission for Entitlements.

Auto apply entitlements

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