Tip #585: Why can’t I export notes to Excel

So you do an advanced find for note records that you want to export to Excel. You expect to see the normal Export to Excel button that appears in every other Advanced Find view.


However, you see that that half of the ribbon is missing when searching for notes.

The answer is it is there, it is just in a different place. It actually is the same place it has always been on notes Advanced Find views (at least since CRM 3.0).

One thought on “Tip #585: Why can’t I export notes to Excel

  1. Joe M says:

    Do we know why this is different?
    I actually need to export a Dynamic Worksheet so others can easily self-serve a report, and it seems impossible from this method. Is there a way to do it with ‘notes’?
    I observe that there is a similar issue with ‘posts’ :-/

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