Tip #701: Don’t leave components behind

Leaving someone behind

Good, old, and fairly reliable components like email router tend to slip under the monitoring radar. They work for months on end and it comes as a surprise when they stop and, in a lot of cases, we discover the problem only because users start complaining. For quite some time Dynamics CRM 2015 Email Router […]

Tip #458: Tipster guide to Dynamics CRM App for Outlook

It’s Friday and CRM for Outlook is making its way into OWA. OWA, Karl! This video walks you through the new CRM App for Outlook that was released as a preview feature as part of the Dynamics CRM 2015 Spring Update 1. Derik shows you how to configure Exchange online to use the feature, how […]

Tip #455: Upgrading CRM? Use server side Sharepoint

In case you missed it, with CRM 2015 update 1 (and later), server side SharePoint integration is supported for CRM online customers with SharePoint on premises. One additional detail you should not miss is that the grid control is now deprecated. This does not mean that it won’t work, but that it will be taken […]

Tip #433: Tipsters guide to Office 365 Groups: Administration

It’s Video Friday again. We continue our explorations of CRM Online new features with this week introduction to Office 365 Groups and what do you need to do to get it up and running. Give us your feedback, all of it: good, bad, and ugly, I’m sure we can take it. Suggest new topics either […]

Tip #400: Calculate the difference between two dates

CRM 2015 Update 1 introduces some new calculated field formulas. One of the most exciting additions is the DiffinDays function. This function calculates the difference between two date fields in days. So if you want to see the length of time that a record, like a case, has been open, you now can do it […]