Tip #445: How to Excel in CRM like Captain Redlaces

Captain Redlaces Sewell reports that there is an issue in CRM 2015 update 1 when exporting to Excel. If you open the file directly from CRM, the table will not be correctly formatted.

What you need to do is save the document, then open the document from the save location. But do not to use the ‘Save and Open’ option offered by the download – it’s a trap!

4 thoughts on “Tip #445: How to Excel in CRM like Captain Redlaces

  1. Scott Sewell says:

    To be sure – Save the exported file to your desktop – Close Excel – Then open the file from your desktop. –

    Don’t use either the ‘Open’ or ‘Save and Open’ options that you’re tempted with. In the words of the sailors of old, ‘Here be Dragons’

  2. Scott Sewell says:

    Also – I should have highlighted the word “Desktop”

    If you save it to your default “downloads” folder, Excel still treats the file with as much contempt as if it were a Yankees fan in Fenway Park.

    • Jay Murphy says:

      Scott – I am trying to download our reports in CRM 2015 sp1 but am only getting #VALUE! for my Revenue columns. I tried the suggest here but no change to the issue. Thoughts? I have heard this was something in the report code.

  3. Janet Glasper says:

    When I try to export to Excel, two columns with text are displaying the the GUID instead. I tried saving the file to my desk and then opening it in Excel but it didn’t work.

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