Tip #851: All Themed Up and Nowhere to Go…

In many Dynamics 365 implementations one of the customizations which can have an enormous impact to user adoption is the customization of the CRM Theme.  However, changes made to an organization’s theme are not solution aware.  As a result, each theme customization must be made manually in each environment.  Now, if there were no other way […]

Tip #110: Don’t prematurely check the boxes

Irreversible options for new entity

When creating new entity in CRM organisation, there is a temptation to click, click, click, create the entity and quickly proceed onto customizing form, adding fields and creating mighty relationships. Isn’t it what the power of Dynamics CRM is all about? Well, yes and no. Pause for a second, take a deep breath and think […]

Tip #92: Cascading Relationships – The Forgotten Customization

Dynamics CRM Entity Cascading Relationship

If you have implemented your CRM organization and not done a sanity check of the built-in cascading relationships for the COLAC (contact, opportunity, lead, account, case) entities vs. your corporate business practices then you have missed an important step in the architecture process. When you have a one-to-many relationship there are effects to the related […]

Tip #60: Remove Decimals From Charts

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or 2013, when you have a chart summarizing a decimal or currency field, by default your chart values will contain decimals. What if you want to round to whole numbers? To do this, you will need to export the chart XML. For a system chart, navigate to your solution to […]

Tip #59: Marketing List Form Layout for List Type

Marketing List Form with Type in upper left column

On the Marketing List entity one of the required fields is Type, which is a two option field with the default value of Static. If you are in a rush as you create a new marketing list, give it a name, set targeted at – contacts, leads, accounts it is now ready to be saved. […]

Tip #58: Reset the Command Bar

If you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and you find that one of the Command Bar buttons don’t work, reset the ribbon for the entity. Create a solution that just includes the entity with the button that isn’t working correctly and export from CRM. Extract the customization zip file. Open the customization.xml file in the editor […]

Tip #47: Simple multi-select lists in CRM 2013

Multi-select lists in CRM 2013

There is no out of the box support for multi-select pick lists in Dynamics CRM but since the latest UI improvements in CRM2013 you can use a standard N:N Relationship with form sub-grid to get a most respectable multiple selection form field. For example, if we wanted a ‘Languages Spoken’ pick list on a Contact […]

Tip #34: CRM Gustronomy – force the workflow order

Shan McArthur, our fellow MVP, asked the other day: How can we order workflows? For example, I have an auto-number workflow that adds a case number to an entity, and I want that workflow to run before another workflow. I considered using wait states – i.e.: workflow 2 waits until the case number is not […]