Tip #1312: View process history from Unified Interface forms

Tipster note–this tip is an unsupported tip. It’s not going to damage anything, but it is unsupported and may stop working with future updates. Proceed at your own risk.

So you have moved to unified interface, but you want to be able to see the process and workflow history for a record. Microsoft has not yet given us a way to check the process history for a record from Unified Interface, and while you can navigate to classic settings and see the full process and system job history, it is very cumbersome to see it in context of a specific record.

Using the following approach you can display the process history for a record on the unified interface form.

  1. Create an iFrame on your form called IFRAME_Workflows
  2. Create a javascript web resource
var WorkflowIframeSetter = function() {
  function onLoad(executionContext) {
    var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
    //if this is CreateForm - let's leave the form blank
    if (formContext.ui.getFormType() === 1) {

    //Getting entity Metadata to get otc (Object Type Code)
          var otc = entityMetadata.ObjectTypeCode;
          var url = "/userdefined/areas.aspx?inlineEdit=1&navItemName=Background%20Processes&oId=" + 
            formContext.data.entity.getId() + 
            "&oType=" +
            otc +
  } // onLoad function
  return {
    onLoad: onLoad
  1. Add to your form

Voilà Process history on your Unified Interface form

Thanks to Andrew Butenko for the script.

Cover photo by unsplash-logoHenry & Co.

One thought on “Tip #1312: View process history from Unified Interface forms

  1. Alexandra says:

    Hello Joel,

    Thanks for the article! I am trying to achieve this with a view of all related processes on a Work Order (Field Service entity msdyn_workorder). We used to have this list of processes for a work order in the old UI, and of course now it’s no longer working with Unified Interface.
    Using above instructions, I keep getting an error in the iFrame without any additional information on what might be wrong. I have also tried to access the iFrame’s URL separately to test it and to possibly get some insights into the mistake I might have made, but no luck.
    I’m wondering about the parameter “tabSet”, if that might be the problem, and what string I need to pass here. I have tried the relationship name (msdyn_workorder_asyncoperations), but no luck.

    Maybe you have an idea what might be wrong?


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