Tip #729: Mapping fields in N:N relationship

Nonmonogamy relationships

Normal out-of-box CRM relationship mapping can be extremely beneficial, but it has a very big “gotcha”. They only work when creating a child entity from the parent form. So if the user is on the parent entity form, and adding a new entity via a grid, then the mapping will automatically be populated for the […]

Tip #579: Prioritize your relationships

DIsplay Order for relationship

When creating new relationships, change the Display Order property from the default 10,000 to a higher value, e.g. 20,000. Sooner or later business users will ask to prioritize the order in which related entities appear and if by that time you have created 42 relationship with the default order 10,000, reordering them will be a […]

Tip #197: Don’t forget the cascading

You implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM and create a custom entity called “Account Review” as a child of the account entity. This entity is part of a sales management account review process. You make the entity relationship parental so that deletions and re-assignments of account records will cascade to related Account Review records. Five years later, when […]

Tip #92: Cascading Relationships – The Forgotten Customization

Dynamics CRM Entity Cascading Relationship

If you have implemented your CRM organization and not done a sanity check of the built-in cascading relationships for the COLAC (contact, opportunity, lead, account, case) entities vs. your corporate business practices then you have missed an important step in the architecture process. When you have a one-to-many relationship there are effects to the related […]