Tip #721: Tale of a small change


Dynamics CRM does an excellent job hiding complexities of the relational design, solid data model, and friendly and consistent UX. Quite frequently CRM customizers and developers are the ones who’s paying the price. User advocate: We have a custom text field on the contact entity called Position but noticed that users type almost the same […]

Tip #631: Azure ML is coming to Dynamics CRM

Azure Machine Learning

One of the most exciting upcoming features in CRM Online is Azure Machine Learning integration (under In Preview): This release will introduce scenario-based Machine Learning (ML) integration with Azure ML for product cross-sell recommendations, and auto-suggest of relevant knowledge articles and case topic analysis. These scenarios are based on integration with Azure ML APIs for […]

Tip #432: Make your emails look nice, really nice

tl;dr Today’s post is not about CRM at all, it’s about CTRL + 0 combination in Outlook and Word. Go on, try this shortcut when typing your next email or document. Boring details I’m all about style. Not in clothes, in that department I’m hopeless and prefer to delegate. I’m talking about CSS in HTML or styles […]

Tip #403: Introducing the CRM Audio Podcast

Can’t get enough of the CRM Tipsters? Good news! You can now subscribe to our podcast. CRM Audio is a podcast about Dynamics CRM hosted by Joel Lindstrom, George Doubinski, and Shawn Tabor. A roundtable discussion of all things CRM, including what’s new, best practices, and answers to your CRM questions. We will feature (hopefully) […]

Tip #388: Shape the future of Dynamics CRM

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Microsoft Social Engagement, or Parature customer? Your mission is to contribute to the future of these products. To accomplish the challenge, please stop reading this blog for 20 minutes, and answer the call from CRM team. If you are both a customer and a partner, say […]

Tip #369: Booklovers rejoice

CRM Field Guide

To paraphrase Django Unchained: What is the point of having a website page that speaks CRM books if you can’t wheel ’em out when you have a CRM book-loving guest? So, without further ado, a small plug about not so small book where all surviving tipsters left their mark. 2013 CRM Field Guide released – […]

Tip #327: Listen to the tipsters almost live

If you are ever bored reading and would rather listen to the soothing voices of CRM tipsters, conferences and webinars are the best places to do so. For the conferences such as CRMUG or eXtremeCRM we always put our best tip forward and come out swinging with the selection of the choicest tips. If Joel […]