Tip #432: Make your emails look nice, really nice


Today’s post is not about CRM at all, it’s about CTRL + 0 combination in Outlook and Word. Go on, try this shortcut when typing your next email or document.

Boring details

I’m all about style. Not in clothes, in that department I’m hopeless and prefer to delegate. I’m talking about CSS in HTML or styles in Word. I’m firmly in the camp that content should be about content and styling should be done separately by the people who know what they are talking about.

One of my pet hates is when people add extra lines to separate the content. Yes, I told you it’s a pet hate. But then I discovered the CTRL + 0 keyboard shortcut. It flips on/off extra 12pt of space before the current paragraph and makes it stand out, that is all. I use it when I need to break the text flow, to start a new thought.

From where I stand, it does make your emails and documents look more professional. But then, again, why would you take any styling advice from a dude whose definition of the best item to wear is synonymous with “the nearest”.


If you get carried away with the formatting and accidentally press this combination in a browser, fear not – it resets the zoom level to the default 100%. Surprisingly, all major browsers support the shortcut.

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