Tip #547: CRM Christmas Presents

This is our final tip of 2015, and so we present a grab bag of goodies:

  1. Fantasy Sales Team is now available for CRM online clients in North America. This is the gamification platform that Microsoft acquired earlier this year. Improve your user adoption by making it a game. Users pick their teams and compete against each others. Managers can define the metrics and point values of the game, and even though it has the word “sales” in the name, you can use it for any type of user metrics, not just sales. EMEA is coming Q1 of calendar year 2016.
  2. One of the hidden gems of CRM 2016 is the enhancements to business rules. They now can be used with Business Process Flow. You can trigger business rules when a certain process flow is active, or based on a specific stage of the process. This is a great improvement and makes business rules and business process flow better together. Read more at the Magnetism blog.
  3. If you want to deploy the new hybrid Server-Side Synchronization between CRM Online and Exchange On Premises, test your connection to your Exchange server from the Microsoft cloud using the Remote Connectivity Analyzer. This tool lets you test the connectivity with your on premises Exchange and Lync servers and identify issues prior to deploying Server-Side Synchronization.

We will be back on January 4th. Happy holidays to all of you. Join us next year for more great tips.

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