Tip #886: Scratch the Surface – new age workflow

ScratchFor years we’ve been whining about the workflow editor and rightly so. Can’t indent, can’t reorder, can’t copy, can’t paste. So many good man-hours lost in the battle against corrupted workflows… Every release we’ve been hoping for something better but to no avail.

I suspect that the upcoming spring-make-it-late-summer release may too leave the workflow editor as is. Why? Because there is a white knight on the horizon and his name is Flow. “But”, you say, “Flow does not have the execution context!”. And you’d be right, until Q3CY17 at least, when in-context Flows are coming to SharePoint and Dynamics – Microsoft Build says so (with the disclaimer that it’s subject to change but since when we pay attention to disclaimers, right?)
Incontext flows are coming
Details are sketchy but what is clear that we should be able to trigger Flows right from inside the Dynamics apps and pass the current context, i.e. record(s), into it.

Have you seen the Flow editor? It is to the workflow editor what Visual Studio is to Notepad. And if that was not enough, Flows have their roots in Logic Apps where developers can rule the day.

The future is bright and its name is Flow. If you haven’t started yet, it may be already too late.

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