Tip #631: Azure ML is coming to Dynamics CRM

One of the most exciting upcoming features in CRM Online is Azure Machine Learning integration (under In Preview):

This release will introduce scenario-based Machine Learning (ML) integration with Azure ML for product cross-sell recommendations, and auto-suggest of relevant knowledge articles and case topic analysis. These scenarios are based on integration with Azure ML APIs for recommendations and text analytics. Azure ML integration offers a configuration experience and insights integrated into the CRM user interface. No data scientists required!

Can’t wait!

Azure Machine Learning

2 thoughts on “Tip #631: Azure ML is coming to Dynamics CRM

  1. Eric says:

    Will this be available for on premise?

    • My understanding is that, eventually, yes. Azure ML relies on OData feeds and I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to feed your on-premises data into ML. Having said that, first wave would definitely be biased towards CRM Online.

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