Tip #805: You don’t need these tips

Carpet cleaningThis post is the final tip of 2016, with tipsters taking a break to spend their time elsewhere. It’s been a busy year, with many changes to our beloved Dynamics CRM 365 platform over the past year, and like with your closet and the clothes that no longer fit you, it is time to clean out some of our tips that no longer fit.

The following are some of the tips from the past that you can now ignore:

Tip #11: make IE 11 not open the mobile express page. It doesn’t do that anymore.

Tip #41 : compare CRM and SalesForce pricing. The point of the diagram is still true, but with Dynamics 365 we would need more lines because there are a lot more options now.

Tip #50 : auto-enable content in exported documents and spreadsheets. The modern Excel export and document generation capabilities no longer disable the exported document.

Tip #52: open a second Outlook window. Why in the world would you want to do this? This tip should have been called “how to make your computer run miserably slow and die painfully. Get the new Outlook App for Dynamics 365 already.

Tip #67: Get to advanced find from any view. While this is still accurate, now that Microsoft came to their senses and put the Advanced Find button in the prominent location at the top of the form, this is no longer the best way to get there.

Tip #68: Do you know this woman? No, I haven’t seen her for years.

Tip #71: Option sets getting cut off at the bottom of forms. It doesn’t do that anymore.

Tip #84 : Issues caused by lack of true date-only fields. Now that we have real date only field options, this tip is unnecessary.

Tip #88: Duplicate activities created due to reassigning during create. This doesn’t happen anymore.

Tip #101:Can you translate this please? The tips says that there are 41 languages available. At last count, there are 45 language packs for Dynamics 365 now available.

Tip #102: Replace the first things first woman. Ok, now I remember her, and judging from the photos in this post, we had some really good times together. You can make this post relevant again by embedding her photo into a Dynamics 365 Learning Path.

Tip #103 : Email router needs updating after moving to Office 365. By now, every company that uses CRM Online/Dynamics 365 is on Dynamics 365, and what are you doing still running the email router?

Tip #104: Bulk track emails. If you organize your emails with subfolders, save yourself a step in this process and add some folder tracking rules.

Tip #109: Manage documents from mobile. With server-side SharePoint integration, documents now work from mobile via the Dynamics 365 mobile app.

Now that we have cleaned out the back closet, we have room for another year of tips. Here’s to seeing how Microsoft will prove us wrong in 2017. See you then!

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