Tip #930: Important changes to the Voice of the Customer installation process

Voice of the customer

A new version of the Voice of the Customer solution was recently released (v.9). The new solutions introduces some changes in the way the solution authenticates with CRM to improve security. To start the installation of the solution, the admin should log in to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center portal in Office 365. In the Administration Center portal, click on the […]

Tip #928: When CRM monthly charts won’t render

Just another pie chart

In Dynamics 365/CRM on premises, if you create a chart and group by month and find that it doesn’t render, you may need some additional SQL permissions. Database owner must have external access assembly/unsafe assembly permission SQL database Trustworthy property must be set to “on.” With these settings in place, your monthly grouped charts should render […]

Tip #924: Removing the dashboard advanced find button

Remove graffiti

In Dynamics 365, Microsoft moved the Advanced Find button to a standard location on the upper right corner of the screen. If you upgrade your configuration from CRM 2016 to Dynamics 365, you will see that the old “Advanced Find” button still appears on CRM Dashboard ribbons. In new environments, this button will not be […]

Tip #922: Connect Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365

All Blacks Haka

Recently Microsoft Teams added the ability to connect your Team channels to many other services. One of these available connections is Dynamics 365 (CRM). From your team channel, click the ellipses button and select connectors. From the CRM category, select Dynamics 365 (not those other guys) Log on to your environment and select the record […]

Tip #921: Clean contacts with Dynamics 365 Outlook app

Contact cleaner

One of my favorite things about the Dynamics 365 Outlook App is the way that recipients are displayed in the app pane, and how easy it is to update or create contact records in CRM. This makes it very simple to identify when contact information is missing and validate that we have complete contact information […]

Tip #917: Too many business units

Microsoft org chart

Someone recently asked me what I thought of someone adding 1,000 + business units to Dynamics 365. I told them it was a bad idea. Here’s why: Business units are like large granite rocks–they are designed to be permanent and infrequently moved. While users can be moved between business units, it is not a trivial […]