Tip #1208: More entities now work from Unified Interface

Until recently the list of entities that didn’t work on unified interface included goals, connections, campaigns, and marketing lists. With recent updates, these entities can now be accessed from unified interface model driven apps.

This is great news if you use one of these entities–I’m especially excited about marketing lists, as there are many great alternate uses for lists.

With this update, unified interface and classic UI are now almost at full parity, so there should be no practical limitation holding you back from making the switch.

10 thoughts on “Tip #1208: More entities now work from Unified Interface

  1. Cheerio says:

    “[…] there should be no practical limitation holding you back from making the switch.”
    Almost I dare-say! My main concern is about Dev>Prod, we don’t have (or maybe I don’t find…) how to mimic the same procedure of update/custom: updating and customising the Dev then pushing on Prod.

    Today, I can customise the Sales App UI on PowerApp but I don’t know how to push it to the Prod’s one. I dislike working directly on the Prod.

  2. Niels says:

    Business rules. Sometimes they work – sometimes they don’t.

    Often I have to click the refresh button on the ribbon for them to fire. It is incredibly frustrating.

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      Form or entity business rules?

      • Niels says:


        Sometimes when I load the form, the business rules do not fire at all. I then have to refresh the form for them to fire. Other times, I can the form loads with no business rules firing, and then after half a second or so they fire.

        It is very inconsistent and makes it hard to test. I actually think that one of the recent updates has made the issue worse. I’ve not been able to find a pattern. It seems very random when they work and when they don’t.

        All of these business rules work as expected in the classic interface.

  3. Matias says:

    Hello, thank for sharing all this valuable information about Dynamics 365. About this post, I have a question. Where can I see Marketing in the UCI Navigation??? I which APP?? Sales Hub?, Customer Service Hub? I can´t see it.


    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      The answer is “whichever app you add them to.” Simply add these entities (marketing list, campaign, etc) to whichever app you want them in via app designer. These model driven apps ain’t gonna build themselves.

  4. Barry says:

    Too bad Audit History is still missing from Unified Interface. really frustrating that it isn’t there yet

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