Tip #1214: Add “what’s new” to unified interface

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We use activity feeds and the “what’s new” dashboard in D365 classic UI to see a feed of posts in the system. This doesn’t show up in unified interface–how can we use the activity feed wall in unified interface? Keep me posted Dear posted, The activity feed wall is replaced in unified interface by the […]

Tip #1188: The case of the missing activity tab

Tabs in a book

I was recently upgrading a client from CRM 2011 to Dynamics 365 online, and for one custom entity, after reconfiguring the form and adding the timeline control, the form would only display the notes tab of the social pane. I removed the pane from the form, saved, published, and re-added the pane, and all I […]

Tip #1184: Custom activity in Timeline

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Under the rapid release cadence one of the challenges is to keep track of what’s changed when and how the features, both old and new, are exposed to end users. It’s like being on Masterchef when today’s challenge is cooking with open fire, tomorrow – flame thrower, and the day after we’re supposed to cook […]

Tip #748: Viewing Record Related News on MOCA

In this video we look at the Company News Timeline feature that was release with Spring Update. This feature lets you stream news stories about CRM records on Mobile devices. In addition we show you how the Timeline Control works and is configured. Give us your feedback, all of it: good, bad, and ugly, I’m […]