Tip #1231: Activity Quick Create in Unified Interface

I’m testing Unified Interface and when I create an activity from the timeline control I don’t see the quick create form.

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One thing that can cause this to happen is if you don’t have the Appointment, Phone Call, and Task entities in your model driven app.

In other words, if you just have the Activities entity in your app, but don’t have the entities for the individual activity entities, users that create activities from the timeline control will get the full activity form, not the quick create form.

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3 thoughts on “Tip #1231: Activity Quick Create in Unified Interface

  1. Diego Duarte says:

    I uninstalled the timeline because the user interface doesn’t match our needs and usability expectations instead we use “power one view”, but the problems us when we want to create a new “Activity”, for example, a Service management meeting because we don’t have the plus button that is attached to the timeline.

    Is it a way to just add the “plus” button on the form or hide the records of the timeline? we just need that plus button.

    I would appreciate it.


  2. Brett Saunders says:

    With the old Phone Call activity form it would mark it as “completed” when a user pressed OK.

    How do you do this with the Quick Creates? Right now it saves it but in the status of Open. What’s the best way to maintain consistent behavior with legacy?

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