Tip #874: Update email subject or body with workflow

Sometime, somewhere you are going to want to update the subject line or body of an email after it has been sent or received with a workflow. If you do, your workflow will fail with the following error: “Cannot update subject or description unless email is in draft status.” To make your workflow succeed, have […]

Tip #300: Adding a specific activity type subgrid

Occasionally I get a design requirement to have a subgrid on a form that only includes a certain type of activity. For example, a grid of scheduled appointments on the account form. This sounds simple, but due to the mysteries of the activity pointer, it is not so straightforward. If you add a subgrid and […]

Tip #270: Close Appointments from Outlook

We recently posted a tip about how non completed tasks are deleted from CRM if the owner deletes the task in Outlook. The same applies to non “closed” appointments. The problem is, for Outlook users, there is no “close appointment” button in Outlook. The user must open the Appointment in CRM to close the appointment […]