Tip #424: Convert activities to campaign responses

Today’s tip is from the “Stuff I used to know but forgot about” file.

So you are making a phone call to a customer to follow up on an email that he received as part of a campaign. You want to see if he is going to register for your event.

Wouldn’t it be great to track the client’s response, so you can report on the success of your campaign? But when you click the “convert to” button, you only have the option to convert to a case or an opportunity. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to convert an activity to a campaign activity?

You can convert a phone call to a campaign response if the activity regarding is set to a campaign activity. Then you will see a new option in the convert to menu “Promote to response.” This is one of the benefits of scheduling your follow up calls via a campaign activity. Calls can be easily converted to campaign responses.



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