Tip #1011: Case subject/category code strategies

Whether you use the standard Dynamics 365 Case Subject tree, or you use an alternative method and hope that the subject tree dies, categorization of your cases is important if you want to report on them later and analyze your case history. By assigning subjects to cases, you can group cases by category, identify related […]

Tip #874: Update email subject or body with workflow

Sometime, somewhere you are going to want to update the subject line or body of an email after it has been sent or received with a workflow. If you do, your workflow will fail with the following error: “Cannot update subject or description unless email is in draft status.” To make your workflow succeed, have […]

Tip #641: Die, subject, die!

Categories entity

With the exception of the Queen who, according to Oscar Wilde, “is not a subject”, subject entity has always been a subject for complaints. Simple search on Dynamics CRM Feedback site shows a long wishlist where people wanted to filter the subject tree, being able to type in subject lookup, have multi-lingual support, use it […]