Tip #1184: Custom activity in Timeline

Under the rapid release cadence one of the challenges is to keep track of what’s changed when and how the features, both old and new, are exposed to end users. It’s like being on Masterchef when today’s challenge is cooking with open fire, tomorrow – flame thrower, and the day after we’re supposed to cook a perfect steak using nothing but our body heat.

For the reasons that will remain unknown, Neil “Agile” Benson decided to create a custom activity called Special Alert. Users could create special alerts from the Other Activities button on the main Activities command bar, but not from the Quick Create button or the Timeline control on the contact form or on the related Activities view on the contact form.

Turns out, there are few prerequisites for a custom activity to appear in the timeline control:

  • Entity is added to the app
  • Entity is enabled for Mobile
  • If Timeline is filtered by specific activities, entity is added in Timeline control configuration. Configuration is accessible via Timeline control properties.

If all these conditions are true, then Timeline will show the custom activity, as attested by Mr Benson.

(Facebook and Twitter cover photo by Jacob Miller on Unsplash)

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