Tip #1212: Where are my apps?

I attended your webinar about model driven apps.
Our sandbox has been upgraded to V 9.1 and our production environment will be upgraded tomorrow.  In preparation for this, I have created and published an app .  I have added the appropriate security roles to the app, but it is still not showing up for selection for them on their mobile app. It says “we can’t find any apps for your role. To check for recently added apps, select refresh.”

Laura M

When Microsoft releases new versions of Dynamics 365, sometimes they introduce new security role permissions. If you are using custom security roles created prior to version 8.2, they likely do not have the required permission to see model driven apps.

Update the users’ security roles, ensuring that they have read privilege for model driven apps on the security role Customization tab. 

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7 thoughts on “Tip #1212: Where are my apps?

  1. Laura Mortick says:

    Thanks that helped! 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I am having a lot of difficulty in getting the new apps I’ve created to appear for some users.

    I have ensured the model-driven setting is turned on, I have triple checked that the user roles are in palce and are correct etc etc, still nothing appearing for my users. The apps so appear if I give system admin access, clearly I cant leave that in place.

    Have cleared cache as well, still nothing. if there is anything else to try, please let me know.


  3. Steve Wasko says:


    I have the same issue. Model-Driven Read-only and also the user is part of the security group, but the app doesn’t show up either.

  4. Jen White says:

    Hello! Facing the same issue here; Can you please share the solution?

    • If everything looks correct but the app is still not visible, open the app as a user who can see and open it. Then copy URL and send it to the users who don’t see the app in the list. Chances are if they follow that shortcut, the app will open and shortly after that will appear in the list of apps.

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