Tip #948: Alternate uses for Marketing Lists

One of my favorite classic features of Dynamics 365/CRM is the marketing list. While it is never on the top of anybody’s list of top features, and the legacy campaign features with which it is associated are long in the tooth, static marketing lists have some unique capabilities that give them utility outside of marketing […]

Tip #941: Limit who can change the stage of a process flow

A client recently asked me about the ability to limit who can move an opportunity out of the “propose” stage. They would like to only allow sales managers to move to the next stage of the business process flow. Knowing that Dynamics 365 does not limit stage movement by role, I reached out to some […]

Tip #940: Dynamics 365 Outlook client vs. Outlook App: which is faster?

Arm wrestling competition

In this video we compare setting regarding and tracking emails in CRM for Outlook (Outlook Client) and the new Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. Which is faster? Give us your feedback, all of it: good, bad, and ugly, I’m sure we can take it. Suggest new topics either in comments or by sending your ideas […]

Tip #935: Notifications for Dynamics 365 Online service updates

The following clarifies how and when users of Dynamics 365 Online are notified for service updates, such as patches and hotfixes. Notifications are not sent out for regular maintenance activities on servers, like security patches or OS updates, as there is no impact on the customer, their orgs or their environments. Notifications are sent out […]