Tip #1240: Trigger another entity’s flows

I have a flow on Account, and sometimes I want to trigger that flow to run when a related contact is updated. Given we don’t have child Flows yet, how can I make a change to one record execute a flow on a different entity?

One trick that I’ve used on workflow that is also a solution for Flow is to update one of the fields that triggers the flow on the parent record. If you don’t want to change the value of the record, you can update the field with its current value.

This will trigger the flow to be run.

4 thoughts on “Tip #1240: Trigger another entity’s flows

  1. Matt Johnson says:

    What about using the old “trigger a flow using a created record” instead of the near useless update of a record. So you have an entity specifically called TriggerFlow or something, then whenever the field you want to monitor changes you use workflow to create a TriggerFlow record, you can set related entities like Parent Account from Contact onto this record to make it accessible from your flow. It’s the create of that record which your looking out for in your flow so you don’t have to keep looking for an update.

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      so let’s say you use a related record and have a flow that updates the parent when a triggerflow is created. What about if you also want it to be triggered on update of the parent? You would need to have a flow create a triggerflow when the record is updated which would make the flow update the record, which could cause an infinite loop.
      I think in some cases the related record approach is good. In my specific case, the primary flow is based on the update of the contact, and need to trigger that to happen when certain related entities are created. In that case (and since CDS connector doesn’t yet support on create or update action), the update a field was a better option.

  2. Luke says:

    What if I want to trigger the Contact Workflow when updating the Account?

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