Tip #1223: Resetting AI for sales

I recently was getting an error when I would try to configure predictive opportunity scoring or Talking Points in Dynamics 365.

If you don’t mind losing your existing predictive scoring model data, the following solution fixed it for me:

  1. Delete the following solutions:PredictiveOpportunityScoring_upgrade, PredictiveLeadScoring_upgrade, SICommon_Upgrade, RelationshipAnalytics_Upgrade.
  2. Manually delete PredictiveOpportunityScoring solution
  3. Manually delete PredictiveLeadScoring solution
  4. If above 3 steps succeed then (and only then) Upgrade to latest Sales AI package. Go to the Dynamics 365 Admin Center application tab and install the Sales AI package in your instance.

Once you reinstall the solution your AI for sales functionality should work.

(Cover photo by Franck V. on Unsplash)


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