Tip #600: CRM Online Access Only Behind the Firewall

When you migrate from CRM On Premise to CRM Online you immediately get put into the world of access to CRM anywhere via the Internet. If your organization’s philosophy up to that point had been to only allow access to CRM from behind your corporate firewall then you need to do a little more work. […]

Tip #599: CRM Online Express Route Doesn’t Limit Access

We have been investigating Express Route for a client that is concerned about performance when moving from CRM On Premise to CRM Online. One option is the new Express Route service. It was announced back in December by Jujhar Singh It kind of appears from the technical overview that when you enable it (got to […]

Tip #588: CRM for Outlook Configuration Diagnostic

Here is the link to the updated CRM Online Outlook Client diagnostic wizard. The wizard has been updated to include recently discovered issues. The older troubleshooting wizard for both online and onpremise was here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/gwt/10070 But it hasn’t been updated in a while. So if you are using CRM Online be sure to use the updated wizard […]

Tip #561: Custom Activity Forms

Activities with no Custom Forms Capability

One of the great features in the last several releases of Dynamics CRM is the ability to create custom forms. However, in the area of Activities this isn’t 100% correct. While you can create custom versions of the activities: Task Fax Phone Call Email Letter Campaign Response Campaign Activity Text Message There is no New […]

Tip #559: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing First Aid

Are you struggling with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing? There is a great resource for the community at the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Support Blog. One of the key contributors is Jon Birnbaum who is a Support Escalation Engineer for Dynamics CRM and Marketing. Jon has a blog series that walks you through the nuts and bolt of setting up […]

Tip #548: 64-bit Office & CRM – Go for it!

In years past the common practice when CRM professionals were asked by clients about installing 64-bit Office, the answer was clear “Don’t do it!”. First off there was little compelling reason to install 64 Bit Office as the only real application in the suite that took advantage of it was Excel. That common thinking has […]

Tip #494: Outlook Sync Filters where are they?

Synchronization using Filters

Finding the spot where you can set the filters to determine the CRM records that are synched to Outlook or your Exchange folders isn’t as intuitive as it could or should be. When in Outlook and you go to File, CRM, you are presented with a screen which gives you the options to set the offline […]

Tip #481: Mobile App Troubleshooting Part 2

Visualization with Chart after adding required entity

Yesterday I posted a tip about Mobile App Troubleshooting regarding duplicate views creating an error message in the mobile app. Today I would like to add to that with an issue that we experienced while doing the original troubleshooting. It is one of the Duh! moments where as soon as you know what to do […]

Tip #480: Mobile App Troubleshooting

Recently we ran into a vexing issue with the use of the Dynamics CRM (for phone) app. The error was occurring on all three platforms we tested – Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and Android phone. We connected the application to another organization and didn’t see the error. So we concluded it must have been something with the […]