Tip #599: CRM Online Express Route Doesn’t Limit Access

We have been investigating Express Route for a client that is concerned about performance when moving from CRM On Premise to CRM Online. One option is the new Express Route service. It was announced back in December by Jujhar Singh

It kind of appears from the technical overview that when you enable it (got to purchase it) that it locks you down to a VPN like connection to your CRM Online instance. And consequently it then only allows access via that connection. This isn’t correct. You can still get to your CRM Online instance from anywhere but if you access it from the network setup with Express Route you will receive the benefits of the improved pipe.

2 thoughts on “Tip #599: CRM Online Express Route Doesn’t Limit Access

  1. Deepak Mehta says:

    His name is Jujhar Singh not Jughar Singh.

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