Tip #480: Mobile App Troubleshooting

Recently we ran into a vexing issue with the use of the Dynamics CRM (for phone) app. The error was occurring on all three platforms we tested – Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and Android phone. We connected the application to another organization and didn’t see the error. So we concluded it must have been something with the specific org.

Our troubleshooting process was as follows:

  1. We removed all the entities from the app – go to CRM Customizations and then to go each entity that you see listed in the app menu, uncheck the mobile app box, save and then do the next entity.
  2. Publish all the Customizations.
  3. Restart the phone.
  4. Launch the app. Does the error appear? If no then proceed, if yes then this tip won’t help. 🙁
  5. Go back into CRM and select one entity, check the mobile box and publish this entity ( we started with the custom entities because we figured they would be the likely culprit )
  6. Go back to Step 3, keep looping through one by one until you get the error. For grins we then went back and removed the Opportunity entity, published again and then rebooted the phone and the error was gone.
  7. Now comes the fun part. In our case it turned out that there were two views for the Opportunity entity that were set as Default Public Views. While the browser may be able to deal with it, the mobile app throws an error. After cleaning up the condition by editing the solution XML file we then checked the mobile app box, published and rebooted the phone. The mobile app worked fine.

PS. I will have a tip later this week about an error with dashboards we observed while doing the above testing.

One thought on “Tip #480: Mobile App Troubleshooting

  1. Andy says:

    I can’t even get into the app.
    It’s stuck n ‘4/5 Publishing Customizations’ for ever.

    Any idea how to quickly determine which entities have the ‘Enable for mobile’ box checked?
    Am I going to have to go through each entity to uncheck?

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