Tip #559: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing First Aid

Are you struggling with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing? There is a great resource for the community at the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Support Blog. One of the key contributors is Jon Birnbaum who is a Support Escalation Engineer for Dynamics CRM and Marketing. Jon has a blog series that walks you through the nuts and bolt of setting up […]

Tip #535: Licensing Microsoft Dynamics Marketing trial

Stopping the truck again, otherwise Daniel “Soft king” Cai won’t be able to market his awesome products. Daniel: Computer says “No” I wonder what criteria it is to get a MDM trial. I have successfully requested a new MDM trial, but when I try to assign myself a license for MDM, I am getting the […]

Tip #296: Dynamic Marketing Lists and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics Marketing synchronized with Dynamics CRM and your dynamic marketing list members are not synchronizing, check your security roles. The security role assigned to the MDM integration account must have read permission to read any entity included in the dynamic marketing list query. FacebookTwitterGoogle+

Tip #285: Going personal with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Mark “Bald as a Kiwi” Smith asked the other day: I am working with a global bank that is considering implementing MDM (Microsoft Dynamics Marketing – t.j.). I need to provided them documented information on how PII (Personally identifiable information – t.j.) data is handled with MDM. They currently run CRM2013 on premises. Roger “Wicked […]