Tip #535: Licensing Microsoft Dynamics Marketing trial

Dynamics CRM TipperStopping the truck again, otherwise Daniel “Soft king” Cai won’t be able to market his awesome products.

Daniel: Computer says “No”

I wonder what criteria it is to get a MDM trial. I have successfully requested a new MDM trial, but when I try to assign myself a license for MDM, I am getting the following error message.

You can’t assign licenses that contain these conflicting services: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Sales Collaboration – Eligibility criteria apply, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Enterprise. Review the services included with each license, and try again.

What’s the point of making the trial instance available to me, but not allowing me to assign myself a license? Can anyone please help me get a trial? Ideally I hope that I can get a long-term instance, so that I don’t have to configure the integration options every time I get a new trial instance.

Jason: Computer says “Yes”?

Jason “I can make a kettle talk to CRM” Lattimer to the rescue:
On your O365 user under Licenses, look at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional license, you should be able to expand it and under it you’ll see 3 different selections. Uncheck the option for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Sales Collaboration.

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