Tip #640: What happens if you don’t map all users

Must map system administrator

tl;dr Nothing fatal. You can relax. Details When organization database is restored and then imported into CRM Server, one of the wizard steps is the mapping dialog. The only requirement is to map your user account into at least one enabled user with system administrator privileges. That makes sense – we don’t want to end […]

Tip #282: Why aren’t users in the sandbox?

You use CRM Online. you add a user in Office 365 and assign a CRM license to her. The user shows up in your CRM production organization users, but does not show up in your sandbox organization. What’s up? Most likely the problem is that your sandbox organization has a security group associated with it, […]

Tip #279: Don’t reuse AD accounts

Rename user in CRM

Jon Lagavulin has left and Jim Laphroaig has joined the company. Same role, same position, even the same salary. In fact, Jim is supposed to take over all the leads, customers and opportunities left behind by Jim. It’s very tempting to rename Jon’s account in Active Directory – select the user object, press F2, type […]

Tip #278: Where did the users go?

So you set up a shiny new CRM 2015 environment, the first thing you want to do is add additional users. But where did the “Users” go? They have always lived in the Settings–>Administration area. Did they move? The answer is that Microsoft has moved users and user related entities (like security roles, teams, and […]

Tip #276: When nobody is an O365 Global Administrator

With CRM Online, adding users and managing organizations is performed via the Office 365 Administrator Portal. This has some great advantages, as you can perform organization maintenance on all of your organizations from a central location. This also means that managing CRM Online organization settings in Office 365 Admin Portal requires Global Administrator privileges. But […]

Tip #128: Are you confusing your users?

Bulk editing fields properties

Don’t leave your end users scratching their heads due to the number of unused fields listed in Advanced Find.  Ensure you set the Searchable characteristic of all “unused” attributes to No.  Unused attributes are those fields that do not show up in Views or on Forms.  From an end user perspective, they are not used since […]