Tip #253: Keep your emails unique

Matching Senders Account

Say, you want to do some checks for inbound emails on Senders Account. It will work well until one of other email-enabled entities (typically systemuser) has a record with the same email address. Having multiple system entities (systemuser, contact, account) with the same email is a bad idea because, when system starts matching sender’s email […]

Tip #233: Including external data in internal reports

You want to have a report in Dynamics CRM reference a database other than the Dynamics CRM database. Maybe you want to join external data, like data from your Dynamics AX ERP system, to account data in Dynamics CRM. In many cases, the best answer is to use a data warehouse, Write a report that points to the […]

Tip #183: Keep batch modifications under control


Not so long ago we experienced the wrath of an unhappy customer when, with all the good intentions we verified and normalized phone numbers for all contacts in the organization. This particular implementation had sophisticated business processes that kicked in on updates and modified on timestamp was used to calculate some performance metrics. With us […]