Tip #253: Keep your emails unique

Say, you want to do some checks for inbound emails on Senders Account.

Matching Senders Account

It will work well until one of other email-enabled entities (typically systemuser) has a record with the same email address. Having multiple system entities (systemuser, contact, account) with the same email is a bad idea because, when system starts matching sender’s email to figure out which entity record can be marked as a Sender for the email, it will go in the order of creation. So if you happen to have a system user that shares email address with a contact from a Fourth Coffee, the condition above will never trigger causing you hours of despair and lost sleep. Keep. Your. Emails. Unique.

One thought on “Tip #253: Keep your emails unique

  1. Todd Brotzman says:

    This is a challenge particularly for internal email. I regularly check inbound emails for situations like this and forward and update and have advised users of this admin activity. Things have improved though.

    We use fwd mailbox for inbound setting, and I have thought about adding a rule to stop additional rules if sender contained corporate email domain – just before rule that forwards to router inbox. This would then keep things a little cleaner on back-end, but it would still not prevent someone from tracking item without a distinct email subject from internal email thread.

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