Tip #128: Are you confusing your users?

Don’t leave your end users scratching their heads due to the number of unused fields listed in Advanced Find.  Ensure you set the Searchable characteristic of all “unused” attributes to No.  Unused attributes are those fields that do not show up in Views or on Forms.  From an end user perspective, they are not used since the end user does not see them when using the application.  Ensuring the Searchable property of the Attribute is set to the applicable value will go a long way to improve the End User experience.

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Note, there are a couple of core system fields that you do not want to make non searchable. Making the transaction currency field or the primary attribute ID field non searchable will break Advanced Find and make some views unusable.

Also, if you want a quick way to bulk update the searchable property of attributes, use the XRM Toolbox, or, for the attributes that are on the same page, simply select them all, click Edit button and enjoy bulk-edit:

Bulk editing fields properties

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