Tip #1057: Voice of the Customer says “Don’t change your URL”

Jerry Weinstock found out the hard way that if you change your Dynamics 365 instance URL after you install Voice of the Customer, survey responses will not synchronize with Dynamics 365. Survey responses will still be captured in Azure, but they will not appear in Dynamics 365. If you want to change your URL, do […]

Tip #1055: Dynamics 365 Service Administrators and security groups

In Tip 844 we talked about the Dynamics 365 service admin role in Office 365, which allows people who aren’t Office 365 global administrators to manage Dynamics instances, copy sandboxes, and other administrator features. So if you give someone the Service Admin role and they don’t see the ability to do something like copy an […]

Tip #1053: Convert emails to knowledge articles

The biggest challenge to knowledge management is content creation–somebody has to create the knowledge base articles. Emails can be a good source of knowledge base content. You are emailing your contacts and answering their questions, giving users a good way to quickly create knowledge articles from emails can be a good idea. There isn’t a […]

Tip #1052: Recurring tasks in Dynamics 365

How can I do recurring tasks in Dynamics 365? While Dynamics 365 does not include an official “recurring” task like it does with appointments, it can still be done. Here is one approach to creating a weekly recurring task: Create an entity called “Task Schedule.” Include the relevant fields like owner/assigned to, next scheduled, subject, […]

Tip #1051: SharePoint license included in Dynamics 365

So you want to use SharePoint integration with Dynamics 365 Online, do you need to buy a SharePoint license for your users? The answer is probably not. Many Dynamics 365 license types include SharePoint plan 2 licenses. So what does this get you? It includes everything needed for SharePoint document integration with Dynamics 365, but […]

Tip #1049: Download Dynamics 365 documentation

If you have recently searched for documentation for Dynamics 365, you have probably discovered that the documentation is consolidating in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/. So if you click “Enterprise Edition Applications,” you can find the user guide, customization guide, and administrator guide for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, etc. But what if you yearn for the old days and […]

Tip #1045: Missing fields on Dynamics 365 account form

If you work with a Dynamics 365 v9 environment, you may notice that Microsoft has worked hard to simplify the default account form. In the past, there were many fields that were rarely used, so simplifying the form is a great thing. But some people may argue that they may have gone too far, as […]