Tip #1111: Fake mobile devices


When Scott “Mr Ribbon Workbench” Durow was delivering his “Typescript or Die” presentation at CRMUG EMEA last month, he stunned the audience by showing his phone right on the screen without any pairing. He tricked everyone, of course; I don’t believe he even has an iPhone. Turns out, Google Chrome has a not-so-obvious menu when […]

Tip #1098: Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service Demo Builder

Field service

We interrupt the chart week fortnight by Ulrik “CRM Chart Guy” Carlsson to bring you the all important message from “Hey, look, kids: Big” Ben Vollmer. Installing and configuring Connected Field Service for Dynamics 365 can seem confusing to some customers and partners. With the “hard” work done in Azure, it takes some getting used […]

Tip #1005: Keep your portals warm and cuddly

This week I had a privilege to sit among Australian Technical Solution Professionals (TSPs) absorbing some of the best selling techniques delivered by none other than our resident video tipster Derik Bormann. One of challenges of the pre-sales demos is that they need to flow as smooth as butter – there is no room for […]

Tip #694: Access demo and learning materials when you are not a partner

Selling your soul

Tip #689 maybe the quickest way to create CRM Online demo but one of the requirements is that your email must be associated with a Dynamics CRM Partner. But what if you are an independent consultant or just started a company and yet to acquire the coveted status? Peter “I think I’ve got the right […]

Tip #689: The quickest way to create CRM Online demo

Quick demo (tape)

Daryl “New MVP on the block” LaBar certainly is pulling his tipping share and is back with another quick tip. If you are part of the Microsoft Partner ecosystem, and are in the need of a well designed demo with the scripted scenarios to walk through, then the quickest way to get there is not […]