Tip #689: The quickest way to create CRM Online demo

Quick demo (tape)Daryl “New MVP on the block” LaBar certainly is pulling his tipping share and is back with another quick tip.

If you are part of the Microsoft Partner ecosystem, and are in the need of a well designed demo with the scripted scenarios to walk through, then the quickest way to get there is not CRM Online trial path but http://demos.microsoft.com. Once you are logged in, and created a tenant, it will take less than a minute to provision a fully functional CRM Online + SharePoint Online demo with the full demo script available.

These demos are a selling tool and are unsuitable as a true trial of the product as you won’t be able to convert them to a paid subscription. This aside, the demos have 90 days expiration which beats 30 standard days hands down.

8 thoughts on “Tip #689: The quickest way to create CRM Online demo

  1. Peter Hale says:

    I’ve just created one and it says 25 days (which is worse) in the CRM alert bar. If you go to the Office 365 Portal and check licences they are all 60 days (September 16, 2016). Seems the left hand and right hand are separated by more than a mere mortal.

  2. David Berry says:

    Can’t create a demo with either of the following accounts:
    1. A Microsoft account (Live)
    2. A Microsoft account (O365 onmicrosoft.com domain)
    3. An account federated with Azure AD via ADFS (Private Domain)

    As for the 3rd account I tried, the O365 organization has 6 online instances. Not sure that it matters. So, either this feature only works for Partners (with the Users option being… something else?), or it’s been temporarily disabled–perhaps because of this post.

  3. Daryl LaBar says:

    George is correct, you have to be either a partner, or Microsoft employee currently.

  4. Paul Owen says:

    Works fine for me, I have my Live ID associated to my companies O365 account and we are a Microsoft partner. Is there a way to delete one of the 6 tenancies that you create or do you have to wait until it expires? I can see you can delete demo environments you create but no option for the Tenancy.

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