Tip #145: Make tip 43 work again

If you have tried Tip # 43: Embed a pre-filtered report in an iframe lately, you may have found the results were not quite as advertised, at least in Internet Explorer. This is because shortly after that post was published, an update to the CRM report viewer control for Internet Explorer broke the ability for reports […]

Tip #53: Prepare your SSRS reports for CRM Online

If your SSRS report works fine in BIDS and on-premises instances but fails to upload with very unhelpful message: An error occurred while trying to add the report to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Try adding the report again. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator. then do the simple “1-2-3” test: Ensure that your report […]

Tip #43: Embed a pre-filtered report in an iFrame

One of the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SSRS pre-filtering capabilities is that you can run a report in context of a record, such as an account, so when you run the report, it just shows data related to that record. Reports can also be embedded in forms with iFrames, and prefiltering is very […]