Tip #338: Rename that organization

So, you followed our earlier tip and ended up with https://ihateyoumarcus.crm.dynamics.com. Two days later, he finally agreed that, yes dear, we do need monogrammed napkins for each one of our 276 guests, but on the condition that this CRM name goes away. CRM Online Login into https://portal.office.com Click Admin > CRM If your company is […]

Tip #180: Don’t use that name

Microsoft Dynamics CRM restricts some words from being used for organization names. On Premises customers can find the list by running the following query: use mscrm_config select reservedname from reservednames The following is the restricted name list in CRM 2013: About Activities AdvancedFind api AppWebServices aspnet_client bi bin Biz Calendar Condition CRMReports CS dev Help […]