Tip #338: Rename that organization

So, you followed our earlier tip and ended up with

Two days later, he finally agreed that, yes dear, we do need monogrammed napkins for each one of our 276 guests, but on the condition that this CRM name goes away.

CRM Online

  • Login into https://portal.office.com
  • Click Admin > CRM
  • If your company is rich enough, select organization, otherwise it’s preselected. Click Edit
  • Change URL to your liking. Find that someone has taken “grumpycat”, opt for “cardpinis2590”

CRM On-premises

On premises you can change the name using CRM Deployment Manager:

  • Disable organization
  • Edit? No, editing will only allow you to change the display name
  • Delete organization (Yes, delete. Chicken?)
  • Import organization back
  • At that point you’ll be given an opportunity to change the name
  • Consult Banned Words They Don’t Want You To Use. Based on your chequered history, stay clear of “marcus” anywhere in the organization name
  • Inhale/exhale – that’s how long it usually takes

Partner-hosted CRM

Call your partner’s support line and ask them to change it for you. After all, it’s them who provisioned this name in the first place.

Now, what did he say about the plastic glasses being just fine?

3 thoughts on “Tip #338: Rename that organization

  1. Muhammad Qasim says:

    Much appreciated. Very helpful. However, after performing all the steps for on-premises, I had to recycle CRMAppPool from IIS.

  2. Shivaram says:

    Thanks buddy. This is really helped me a lot

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