Tip #668: ADFS and CRM on the same server

Overflowing bag

There are reasons to do the unspeakable, ignore all recommendations and install all components of on-premises CRM deployment on a single machine. Running CRM on my laptop, for example, as I don’t have room for 3 server deployment. tl;dr If CRM and AD FS are on the same server, change port used by AD FS. […]

Tip #662: USD 2.1 supports Interactive Service Hub but may stumble over popups

USD 2.1 Interactive Service Hub

Sparkling new Unified Service Desk 2.1 is available for download. Good news: available solutions have been redone, renamed, improved and now make much more sense. Choose between vanilla, upgrade, CRM Web Client and Interactive Service Desk versions. That’s right, version 2.1 added a hosted control for ISH forms and the entire sample solution is built […]

Tip #135: What to check if on-disk plugin registration fails

Registering plugin on disk has its benefits but can be tricky business. Plugin registration tool that comes with SDK is very coy about the errors and display the following message (in the log section of the form): ERROR: Occurred while checking whether the assembly exists You can opt to see more details about fault exception […]