Tip #1442: Security for beginners

A Microsoft open-source course on security for beginners: An individual studies atop a giant book emitting a glowing lock. Surrounding icons represent various security concepts. The course covers common security threats, Zero Trust, SecOps, and Application Security. Learn more. 📚🔒🌐 #CyberSecurity #Learning

We talk about security around Dataverse and Power Platform from time to time. We even dabble into platform agnostic security tips. Today is all about vendor-agnostic cybersecurity. Learn the fundamentals of identity management, zero trust, AppSec, and data security in this new 7-lesson open source course, “Security for Beginners” created by Microsoft Cloud Advocates. Each […]

Tip #1116: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Documents are Open Source

Come in we're open sign

This tip is from Aron Fischman from xRM Edge.  (You can be a tipster too, just send your revelation to jar@crmtipoftheday.com) This topic may be old news for you but I just found out about it. Today as I was researching a development topic I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Microsoft has open-sourced the […]