Tip #1164: All your forms are belong to us

Hidden figure

Even some of the battle-forged Business Applications MVPs are not immune and descent into sheer panic when their forms go missing after the upgrade. DON’T PANIC Dynamics 365 upgrades do not delete any forms and while some things may not go as planned, nuking your hard earned customizations is not on the todo list of […]

Tip #897: Alternate key, duplicate data, and solutions: part 2

Alternate key

The alternate key saga did attract some attention and we received the definite say from Brandon Simons, who’s probably as close to the proverbial Dynamics 365 metal as it gets. tl;dr Alternate keys can be in an inactive state when the definition is created but the unique index is not. These pending keys can be […]

Tip #485: And inactive sneaks in

Project status reason

All entities in CRM have status and status reason fields. Status is either Active or Inactive (system entities, in fact, can have more than that but that’s not the subject of this tip), while status reason can hold multiple customizable values for each status. For example, if we have a custom entity Project, we’d want […]

Tip #291: Disabled Views and CRM for Tablets

In Dynamics CRM, if you have a system view that you don’t want users to see, you can deactivate the view in customizations. That means that the view will not appear in the CRM view selector. Except for in the tablet app. You see all views, even the disabled system views. This has been fixed […]